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Our products: high-performance welding solutions

Innovate technology and define the future of welding. Quality assurance, your reliable strength!

As a leading professional manufacturer of welding equipment and CNC cutting machines in China, we mainly provide our customers with wind tower production line, H beam welding line, various welding equipment, pipe welding equipment, CNC cutting machine, grinding machine, roll forming machine, and plate bending machine.

Manufacturing experience of welding auxiliary equipment

And our products can be widely used in various fields, such as pressure vessel production, petrol, chemistry, power, irrigation, traffic, ship building, aviation, heavy machinery, construction, and so on.

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One-year warranty

We offer one-year warranty for all of our products, during the warranty period, all the services are free.


Our company has obtained ISO certification and all of our products have got CE certification.


of experience
Products We Provide

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All of our research personnel have more than 20 years’ experience in the welding industry, and every year our products will be exhibited at home and abroad so that we can learn more from others to improve our products from various aspects.

We can manufacture as many as 1000 sets of welding equipment and 200 sets of cutting devices every year. And our products are quite popular among clients from various different countries such as Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Vietnam, and more.

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