Our Welding Rotator equipment is durable, stable in operation, with its own electric control and easy to operate. With its powerful load capacity, you can easily place the workpiece in the appropriate welding position. At the same time, the adjustment and control of Welding Rotator can make the welding workpiece run in a safe position without manual intervention.@youtubecreators @YouTube
Welding equipment : https://www.wxabkweldc.com/index.php/welding-equipment/
Welding Rotator : https://www.wxabkweldc.com/index.php/product/welding-rotator/
Wind Tower Welding Line : https://wxabkweldc.com/product/wind-tower-welding-line/
H Beam Welding Line : https://wxabkweldc.com/product-category/uncategorized/
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